Adela Leon, California

Adela is a 43-year-old farm worker who has worked in the fields for almost 20 years in various crops including grapes, oranges, almonds, and peaches. Adela has overcome so much: mental health issues and an abusive household. Because of her experiences, Adela developed a heart condition, underwent heart surgery, was pronounced dead, and was brought back to life. Adela still works in the fields, sometimes having to endure the strong pesticide smell the day after fields are sprayed. This often causes her and her coworkers to get nauseous and develop headaches, despite being told there is no danger from pesticides. Because too often workers are not provided masks, workers resort to putting their own cloths over their faces, even amidst extreme heat.

A woman standing amidst vineyards during dusk, exuding a sense of resilience and dedication.